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Project Description

In recent years, research has generated a wide range of methodologies, tools and practices for the application of technology in learning. Outside the laboratory, however, use of these technologies remains low. Despite major investment, the majority of modern e-learning continues to be based either on video-lessons (mainly used in company or university settings) or on page-turning web sites.

T3 goal is to develop and validate an innovative teaching program to promote the use of advanced learning technology by university teaching staff; secondary school teachers; trainers involved in VET. Key features of the program will include: theoretical classes discussing the features and advantages of the new technologies; practical workshops, in which learners (university teaching staff, teachers and trainers) simulate learning sessions and familiarize with technologies; project work, in which learners will prepare learning projects for use in their own classes, implement the project, and evaluate the results; joint assessment of the results by participants in the program.

The program has been validated in a 9 month trial with 3 specific target groups (20 participants per group per trial) in 3 countries (Rome, Italy: professional trainers; Valencia, Spain: university teaching staff; London UK: secondary school teachers). The final output are a set of freely available tools, designed to encourage uptake of new learning technologies for use in universities, schools and professional training. These will include a book (available in printed and in downloadable format) describing practical applications of the new technology, free software, and a web site providing access to required technologies and technical support and a set of paper and electronic learning materials.

The project, 24 months duration, were organized into 10 Work Packages, dedicated respectively to Coordination (WP1); Needs Analysis (WP2); Selection of technologies (WP3); Methodology and Learning Program (WP4), Technologies and infrastructure: testing set up and management (WP5), Trials (WP6), production of a book and CD/DVD (“Teaching with Technology”) (WP7), a Quality Plan (WP8), Dissemination (WP9) and Exploitation and Sustainability (WP10).