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Project Description

The project aims to develop an innovative model of training for adults intended for a professional who is becoming one of the main forms of assistance for the elderly: the elderly caregivers/carers/ home health aides. This phenomenon is appering mainly in Italy but also in other European countries like Spain and France.

The central objective of this pilot training program is to transfer knowledge to trainers and consequentially develop skills to caregivers in Europe in order to: – change the negative perception of caregivers to the elderly, – forward awareness of the role of caregivers for themselves, – revisit their qualification training in national/regional schemes . The general objective of developing “new caregivers for new elderly people”.

Creating new professional profiles of offering an adequate service to the elderly, social subjects who are anthropologically changing. As defined in various contexts, the new elder is a person capable of expressing an active cognitive and affective needs help and less willing to accept a passive containment nursing care, low-level cognitive stimulation, emotional, cultural and social.

The innovative model of training will be settled through a methodology developed by, which will be applied to all players in the ‘chain’ of this social phenomenon that will be involved in the project: the trainers of elderly caregivers, through organizations and institutions to which they refer, caregivers and the elderly people. Moreover the partnership capitalize previous experiences, based on achieved outcomes in former projects, following previous cooperation amongst the consortium members.

The training courses for trainers and carers will be supported by Web 2.0 Platform: will be a tool through trainers and carers can find materials, documents and resources. The project will have impact on different entities that indirectly and directly are involved in the question of the elderly people.