The Serious Game (SG) are virtual simulations, similar to videogames, through which it’s possible to “train” specific competencies and skills.

These tools engage, entertain and at the same time are powerful learning vehicles as they are based on one of the most powerful learning methods that nature has ever seen.

Two editors of scenario SG: PalMa and StoryGame


The Serious Game PalMa (Management Gym) involves the player in a situation where it is required to reach a certain objective (to convince to do a task, solve a conflict, mediate between two parties involved, motivate a colleague, etc.) through an exchange of communication and an experience with artificial intelligence (BOT) not always available.

PalMa it has been created by Entropy to train a wide range of relationship skills: Leadership, Negotiation, Communication Skills, Assertiveness and Persuasion, Staff management and Client management.

At the end of the game, the PalMa Gym can provide detailed feedback on the performance of the player enabling an evaluation of their performance also in terms of personal development.


The StoryGame challenge the player to solve complex problems, that test the achievement of the quantitative and qualitative targets and also the relationship management with interlocutors of various levels (colleagues, managers, company, providers, clients, etc.)

Browsing in the environments of the “scenario”, the player interacts with objects, media documents, characters.

At the end of the performance, and in some cases and also during them, the StoryGame can provide detailed feedback on the performance of the player, enabling a self-evaluation of the chosen game strategy as prompt for personal development.