Serious Game in 30 days: Mission Impossible?


Serious Game in 30 days: Mission Impossible?

Experimentation with the Serious Game

7 female students
1 Serious Game
30 days

These are the ingredients of that seems to be a real “mission impossible” and that contrary it’s revealing an interesting and replicable experience.

The 7 female students that decided to challenge themselves in this unusual venture, take part to the Education Training course and the E-learning of the University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, Department of Science, Psychology, Communication Education.

The challenge? Build dialogues in a Serious Game.

The group, after testing our Palma, it has decided to accept the challenge that consists in the building of the scenario, the characters, the dialogues, that will go to build a new gym available to who would like to train some communication skills. In 30 days.


They won’t be left alone: the seminary, delivered online, within a Social Collaboration Platform that foresees a double shadowing between the Entropy team and university tutors.

From the study of communicative models at the base of the dialogues to the basics of creative writing, the students are making a step path, of which they say enthusiastic and involved. This is demonstrated, in addition to the Social Network Analysis carried out within the platform, also the presentation tweets asked to each of them, and that show not only a great desire to challenge themselves in an extremely stimulating activity but also the desire for knowledge of new tools that combine Technologies and Learning.

The strength of Serious Game lies in this: being able to mix fun, engagement and a good dose of “seriousness”, which in this case consists in the training of skills increasingly required both by personal development paths and by companies that, for some time now, they have understood the importance of soft skills such as communication, negotiation, leadership and others.

Palma statistiche

The collaboration with the University of Bari and Entropy Kn

The collaboration between Entropy KN and the University of Bari was born a few months ago during a conference in Cagliari on the themes of new technologies applied to learning. On that occasion, we have met Professor Beatrice Ligorio, owner of the chair that manages the laboratory, and with whom we began to reflect on the possible collaborations. Exactly from the reflections made together, this opportunity was born. This experimentation probably represents the pilot edition of an experience that can be reproduced and replicated in other
realities, academic and not.

Now the experimentation involves the writing of the storyboard and the dialogues. Later the texts will be uploaded to the platform that will allow us to understand if the Serious Game will be “playable” and if it will join the gyms of Entropy KN.

Therefore, only the end of the experience, it will be possible to verify its success, which for now seems to have all the conditions to be successful. Next month we might find out how it ended!

…In the meantime, if you are curious about the opportunity to learn while having fun or if you want to know how Serious Games can help you develop some skills, you can contact us by email by writing to or by taking information from our website.