Distance Learning, Gamification and Serious Game

Interactive tools, digital systems that enable to gamify the content and the training, making the learning experience pleasant and effective. They are used to #Train or to assess competencies. #evaluation

They are flexible and customized, guarantying a high level of engagement and objective


Interactive learning tools

To train and inform the employees, automatically tracing the steps ahead of participants acquiring new concepts/information, on the technical, cross or procedural themes. The LOI are multimedia experiences. More complex solutions (divided in modules of 30 minutes) or in capsule modalities (2′,5′,10′). Some examples of courses already created:
a. Sales training Course for sales staff
b. Workplace safety
c. Near Miss – almost injuries
d. Cyber Security
e. Smart working
f. Ethic code
g. Training on recycling
h. Time management
i. Feedback 360
j. Internal procedures: purchases, homologation, HR, induction

Serious Game (PalMa and Simulators)

Enter a virtual world where you can test your competencies. Make challenging and fun experiences to learn “serious”/professional skills. Which ones?
a. Leadership* / Self Leadership
b. Management skills
c. Sales skills
d. Post- sale
e. Problem solving e innovation
f. Critical and strategic thinking
g. Negotiation
h. Relationship skills
i. Effective feedback management
j. Collaboration and cross-over

Business Game

Test your technical and personal skills with a digital tool that simulates the complexity of the management role. The Business Game experience it’s used during:
– Evaluation of the potentiality
– Key roles selection in organizations
– Certification of management figures (general managers, marketing managers, sales

Educational Videos

Exemplify virtuous behaviours and/or epic fail in the management of a client/problem. The Educational Video are original, customized, engaging videos, representing likely-realistic cases, supporting change management processes, building a story where the participants distinguish and choose the right strategy – in a Sliding doors model.

Video Tutorial

Spread the “how-to” regarding the new initiatives/new tools (e.g., software) within the organization through customized videos where information and behaviours are shared.